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  UKiset写作是UKiset考试的最后一部分,旨在展示表达语言组织能力以及英语基础。 按照考生的年龄不同给出不同的题目,所以小编给出的建议是多看新闻,下面就为大家分享一篇即时资讯。

  SINGAPORE, June 28 (Xinhua) -- The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) said on Sunday that tourism businesses in Singapore will be permitted to resume operations at stages from July 1, beginning with 13 attractions.

  The authority said this is part of the resumption of activities in Phase 2 after the Circuit Breaker, which was imposed by the Singaporean government from April 7 to June 1 to reduce COVID-19 transmission.


  The STB asked attractions and tour operators to submit their reopening proposals, including safe management measures that are tailored to reduce the COVID-19 transmission risks of each attraction or tour, to it for assessment. It said operators must demonstrate effective implementation of safe management measures to provide a safe environment for customers and workers, and may resume operations only after receiving approval from the Ministry of Trade and Industry.